Learning Is Fun At A Child’s World!

Abby and Ellie both love coming to school at A Child’s World each day. Now that they’re both in the PreK room, they like being some of the big kids in the school. Between giggles, Abby shares “I get to see my friends each day!  Ellie’s my best friend, and Emily, and Anna, Lila, Scarlett, Devin, RJ, Lele, and Ellen and…”

Abby & Ellie stand outside the door of their PreK room at A Child’s World.

“Abby, that’s almost the whole class!  I like Miss Allison and Miss Hailey and Miss Vonnie our teachers,” shares Ellie. “They play color tag with us, draw with us, color with us, count with us…”

“I can count numbers to 100!” exclaims Abby. “I like to make art though.”

“Yeah! I like making art projects,” says Ellie. “I never get bored.”

“I get bored- when I’m at home” giggles Abby.

“Well, maybe at home,” Ellie agrees. “But not at school!”

At A Child’s World (ACW), we love hearing that our kids are having a great time, while learning valuable skills. It’s an integral part of our mission to prepare children to make their mark on the world by providing quality care that will enrich a child’s unique social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

A program of the YWCA Cass Clay, ACW is a childcare facility that is open to the public. ACW is licensed by the Department of Human Services and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. ACW is proud to be one of only ten accredited programs in North Dakota and is licensed to care for 111 children.

The center utilizes four approaches to our early childhood curriculum:  Creative, Integrated and Emergent, Anti-bias and Environmental Rating Scales. Creative Curriculum teaches to the specific stages children naturally progress through, while at the same time teaching to the individual child within each progression as they move through at their own speed. Integrated and Emergent Curriculum is based on what children show interest in; the teacher then integrates that emerging idea into a lesson plan or activity. Our Anti-bias curriculum teaches children to respect their own culture, as well as that of others and encourages children to see people of diverse cultures working together as unique parts of a whole community. Environmental Rating Scales help teachers create environments to help children learn.

At ACW, we believe children live what they learn, and it is our responsibility to teach them how to flourish in our ever-changing world. After all, our kids have big plans:

“When I grow up, I want to be a dancer,” says Abby.  “And I’ll count to a gazillion!”

“Well, when I grow up, I want to work here [at A Child’s World]” shares Ellie.