Bringing Her From Fear To Freedom

After enduring abuse from a man she thought loved her, Serena and her children fled to a hotel where they stayed, safe from him. One afternoon Serena returned to the hotel to find him waiting. He punched her and forced himself into her room. He sexually assaulted and beat Serena, leaving her curled in a ball, barely alive.

Serena and her children arrived at the YWCA the very next day. For days she lived in terror, waiting for her abuser to discover her as he had before. However, she soon began to realize that the YWCA offers more than shelter, but also safety and empowerment.

With the help of the YWCA Education & Employment Program, she got a job and is working hard to get her life back. Serena and her family were accepted into the YWCA Supportive Housing Program and now have a home to call their own. Recently, she saved enough money to purchase her first car. This car is not simply a means of transportation to Serena, but a symbol of freedom, independence, and a new road ahead.

Serena demonstrated the ultimate courage to break the cycle of violence and create a better life for her family.

Unfortunately, many women have a story like Serena’s. In fact, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we ask you to help us raise awareness about domestic violence and join us as we take a stand to end the cycle of violence.

When we stand against domestic violence we stand against physical abuse; fighting pain and providing comfort. We stand against emotional abuse; replacing words of anger and speaking kindness. Together we break the chains of control and walking alongside women as they find strength, renewal and hope.

Your gift has the power to transform the life a woman, bringing her from fear to freedom. Give today and take the stand against domestic violence.