Offer Hope And Change A Life

For many of us, this time of year is full of joy, hope, and family traditions.

Unfortunately, for others this season brings painful memories better forgotten.

The number one reason women come to the YWCA Emergency Shelter is to escape various forms of violence and abuse, including human trafficking. This year, the YWCA reported serving more victims of this horrific crime than any other agency in North Dakota. Remember Amber, the young woman who courageously transformed her life?

Before coming to the YWCA, Amber escaped the grips of a man who had been trafficking her and other women for three years. During that time she spent nights in terror; subjected to the cruel desires of her trafficker and others. One night Amber took the hand of a young woman being held with her and together they courageously ran; and never looked back.

When she first came to the YWCA Emergency Shelter, Amber stayed quiet for a long time, haunted by her past. Slowly she gained confidence and began to not just dream about her goals but fiercely pursue them with everything that she had. As Amber’s YWCA advocate said, “Once she found herself after being trafficked, there was no stopping her.”

While at the Shelter, Amber was reunited with her two children and they became a family again. Her biggest goals were to live a “normal life” with a job and a home and be the best parent she could be. Amber is no longer a victim. She is a mother, an employee, a champion; and she has triumphed.

It is triumphant stories like Amber’s that inspire us at the YWCA Cass Clay. As we look to the new year, we strive to continue providing the hope and the tools each woman needs to break the cycles of poverty and violence and create a better life for herself and her family.

How are you offering hope this season?

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